What is maintenance example?

The definition of maintenance is to provide support or maintenance to something. An example of maintenance is a janitor who keeps the school clean.

What is maintenance example?

The definition of maintenance is to provide support or maintenance to something. An example of maintenance is a janitor who keeps the school clean. Preventive maintenance is defined as taking precautionary measures or actions to prevent equipment failures before they actually occur. Preventive maintenance generally involves routine inspections, upgrades, proper lubrication (where appropriate), adjustments and replacement of outdated equipment or parts.

Technicians apply unplanned corrective maintenance to react as soon as a failure is detected that could not be anticipated with preventive maintenance processes. Therefore, routine maintenance can be performed by personnel outside the maintenance department, such as machine operators. Property maintenance is best defined as any preventive or corrective maintenance action taken to keep a property fully functional and operating in its best condition. Among all the types of maintenance mentioned above, condition-based maintenance is the most complicated to implement.

Corrective maintenance can be planned or unplanned, depending on whether or not a maintenance plan has been created. Predictive maintenance refers to a specific type of condition-based maintenance in which systems are constantly observed through sensor devices. A CMMS is a really useful tool for maintenance teams, as they enter every detail of their interventions and exchange with their colleagues to keep track of all operations, maintenance plans, etc. This type of maintenance is described as planned because it is based on well-maintained programs.

established and concrete facts. Predictive maintenance can be implemented thanks to an intuitive and easy-to-use CMMS, which will make life easier for industrial maintenance technicians and generate tables and graphs for them thanks to all the data entered by all their colleagues. Preventive maintenance is commonly used to maintain the assets of a facility, such as HVAC machines, and reactive maintenance is primarily used to keep areas of a facility in good operating condition, such as painting walls. Routine maintenance is a simple and easy to implement method to improve overall maintenance.

A next-generation CMMS such as Mobility Work, a solution that offers a performance analysis tool capable of collecting all the data entered by the maintenance teams themselves, aims to progressively help plants evolve towards predictive maintenance. Planned maintenance is maintenance that is organized and carried out with the future in mind, control and recording according to plans that have been previously determined. One of the main reasons predictive maintenance is so valuable is because it allows maintenance to be performed only when absolutely necessary, that is, just before equipment failure occurs. To be successful in the field of building maintenance, it is useful to understand the different types of maintenance methods that exist and how and when they are used.

Even if preventive maintenance doesn't always allow maintenance teams to anticipate each breakdown or failure, since it's still very difficult to know exactly which components are about to fail, it helps them reduce the extent of errors.

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